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Enrich Your Life by Saving One of Ours

Pulaski Animal Center is a 501(c) (3) non-profit, all-volunteer, all-donation supported rescue for unwanted and homeless dogs and cats in Pulaski County. The purpose of the center is to facilitate the placement of stray and unwanted animals and pets in desirable homes; to establish and maintain an animal shelter and associated procedures which promote the health, care, handling and prevention of cruelty to animals; and to educate the public about the humane care of animals and the importance of taking appropriate steps to prevent overpopulation.

Dog of the Week

Tessa is an approximately one year old, female, black and white, Heeler Mix. Tessa is a higher energy dog that is obsessed with fetching tennis balls. She is treat motivated and learns quickly. She can be initially shy, but warms up quickly. She was solely an outdoor dog prior to arriving at PAC and was not taught any commands by her previous owner. In one short session, she did well with the “sit” command.

Cat of the Week


"Presto" was found by a Good Samaritan in June of 2022 with a severe injury to his back-left leg. The Good Samaritan took him to a veterinarian and it was discovered that Presto had been living with a broken leg for quite some time. Due to his age and the severity of his injury, it was decided that an amputation would be in his best interest. Presto was declawed prior to his injury.

Presto is an affectionate and vocal cat. He can be a bit of a grouchy old man but, after all that he has been through, he has earned that right. He enjoys being pet but does not like his hind end touched.

Due to his age, tripod status, and personality, his ideal home would be quiet with no children under 12 years old.

Adoptable dogs
Adoptable cats
Adoption Fees


Puppies (6 months and under): $160

Small Adult Dogs (under 30lbs): $120

Adult dogs: $100
Senior dogs: $80



Kittens (6 months and under): Shorthair -$60, Longhair - $80

Adult cats: $40

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